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An international Sunday school lesson commentary
For Sunday September 11, 2011

(GOD’s instructions lead you along a perfect path)
(Proverbs 4)

The book of Proverbs is a divine collection of practical advice and counsel that is intended to be used by the reader as a guide to making more practical and GODly moral decisions along the path of life. The adages that are found in this poetic book, although they are generalizations, touch on a variety of subjects and situations, such as child rearing, wealth, poverty, personal relationships, and attitudes toward work. If we think and meditate on these sayings, and follow their advice, we will find them to be a great source of help and insight to us, as we struggle with the issues that we encounter in our everyday life.
One of our greatest responsibilities as parents is to train and encourage our children to become wise adults. Here in Proverbs chapter 4, in verses 3 & 4, King Solomon tells us how his father, King David, often encouraged him to seek wisdom when he was a child. In fact, David’s encouragement is likely what prompted young Solomon to ask GOD for wisdom and a discerning heart, rather than ask HIM for wealth or long life (1 Kings 3:6-9). GOD honored Solomon’s request because he placed the welfare of his people above his own personal prosperity (1 Kings 3:10-14).
The wisdom of GOD’s Word can, and should, be passed on from generation to generation, simply because it comes to us from GOD. It can be life changing and life-saving for anyone who chooses to incorporate it into their daily plans. Like David, all parents should begin their wisdom teaching by introducing their children to GOD while they are still very young. In fact, even for those parents who were never taught in this way, GOD’s Word can, in itself, function in the same nurturing manner as a compassionate parent does. In other words, the Word of GOD makes it possible for a parent that was raised up, not knowing the LORD, to be able to leave a legacy of faith to their children, just the same as a parent who has known GOD since childhood.
Seeking wisdom is not a once in a lifetime step, but rather, it must become a daily process, if we are to stay on the right path in life. We constantly have to choose between two paths, good and evil, and we need to have the Word of GOD written on our minds and hearts if we are to navigate safely through this worldly maze. In verses 14-17 Solomon admonishes us against making unwise decisions such as getting ourselves on the wrong road, through socializing and associating too much with un-GODly people, or, people who have an attitude of indifference toward GOD.
It is oftentimes difficult, especially for young people, to accept the fact that so-called friends and acquaintances might be leading them down the wrong path. It is our overwhelming desire to want to be accepted by the world that often is the root cause of the bulk of our sins. And even though we sometimes sense the danger or wrong, in socializing with certain people, we reason with our innate sense, and ultimately talk ourselves into conforming to their will, not GOD’s. And while we should be accepting of others, we, more so, need to maintain a healthy skepticism toward human behavior. Always proceed with caution. Don’t let your friends strain your relationship with GOD and family, by leading you to do things that you are not comfortable with in your SPIRIT.
Our heart is what most greatly dictates what we do. In fact, a person always (100% of the time) does that which is in their heart. That is exactly why GOD reads hearts, and not lips, HE knows that the lips deceive when the heart is evil. In verse 23, King Solomon warns us to “guard our heart with all diligence, because, out of it, flows the issues of life”. We should focus on the things of GOD that are found in HIS Word, fill our hearts and minds with them, and never allow ourselves to stray away from them because we didn’t consult with GOD first, through prayer, before making a decision.
“The HOLY SPIRIT” and “the Bride” (The true Christian Church) is inviting us to come. But unfortunately, “the lure of this world” and “the spirits of satan” say the same. The HOLY SPIRIT in us will always try and compel us toward CHRIST. However, the “sin nature” in us will always try and tug us back toward the world. The constant battle that goes on inside of each of us, between “the reason to do right” and “the passion to want to do wrong”, stays with us long after we accept the gift of Salvation. But, through our strength in CHRIST, we can eventually overcome the gravitational pull of this world, just as CHRIST did, and find ourselves in “the ultimate happy ending” that has been prepared for us by GOD since the foundation of this world.

A Sunday school lesson by,
Larry D. Alexander

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