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An international Sunday school lesson commentary
For Sunday June 10, 2012

(Reflect GOD in how we behave and how we treat others)
(Leviticus 19)

One would be hard-pressed to try and find a passage of Scripture, other than Exodus 20, that has been more violated by man than Leviticus 19. The regulations given by GOD in this chapter are tied together by their relationship to the Ten Commandments. It is a passage that is addressed to the entire nation of Israel. Here there are three basic precepts that involve human behavior; (1) Precepts that relate to GOD (Vs. 1-2, 3b, 4-8, 12, 19a, 23-25, 30, & 37), (2) Precepts that relate to people (3a, 9-11, 13-18, 20-22, 29, 32-36), and (3) Precepts that relate to things (19b-c, 26-28, & 31).
GOD’s order for human behavior is that we worship HIM, love people, and use things (in ways that are permissible by HIS Laws). If we change that order around in any way, we automatically put ourselves out of the order, or Will, of GOD. Whenever we worship people, or things, we are going against the order of GOD. If we love things instead of people, or, foolishly think that we can use GOD, and idolize things or people, then, automatically, we put ourselves out of the Will of GOD.
“I AM the LORD your GOD” is a statement that is repeated by GOD 16 times here in Leviticus 19, and over 40 times in chapters 18-26. That is because GOD is dead serious about getting us to understand that we belong to HIM. “Be holy because I, the LORD your GOD am holy” is the statement in Scripture that breeds ethics into theology. All of Scripture, either directly states, or implies the charge by GOD, that we (men, women, and children) are to imitate HIM in our daily behavior and lifestyles. We must understand that we belong to HIM, and, that we are to aspire to reflect HIS image to others, through our own daily behavior (Leviticus 19:1-2).
As people living under GOD (Christians), we are to deal with each other fairly and justly. We are not to steal from each other (v. 11), cheat each other (v. 11b & 35-36), rob anyone (13a), tell lies (11c), show favoritism (v. 15), or, slander and gossip (v. 16a). We should not try to get ahead at the cost of someone else (v. 16b). We should not nurse hatred in our hearts (v. 17), and never seek revenge, or hold a grudge (v. 18). We are also to show respect for our parents (v. 3a) and the elderly (v. 32), pay our hired workers (v. 13b), treat the disabled with dignity and respect (v. 14), and also show respect to those foreigners living among us who also worship our GOD, the FATHER of our SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST (v. 33).
In addition, as people living under GOD, we should not engage in ancient pagan cult practices such as, eating meat with blood (or drinking blood) (v. 26a), fortune telling and witchcraft (v. 26b), wearing clothing (v. 19d) and hairstyles (v. 27) that imitate those who are indifferent toward GOD, or, who represent the anti-CHRIST agenda.
We are not to mark our bodies with tattoos, carvings, cuttings, or piercings (v. 28). We are not to hand over our children to prostitution (v. 29), or, use mediums and psychics (v. 31). We are only to use the things that GOD has blessed us with, the exact way that GOD has instructed us to use them (Vs. 19, 23-25, & 30).
I know that, as humans, we can best see the importance of GOD’s laws better when the breaking of those laws concern us personally as a victim. But maybe we should try and put ourselves in the position of the LAWMAKER, GOD, and try and discern how HE feels every time we ourselves break HIS Laws, and someone else is affected. Maybe then we ourselves can move closer to the point where sin begins to break our hearts, and to where wrong things will no longer fascinate, and have power over us personally, as an individual, living under GOD.

A Sunday school lesson by,
Larry D. Alexander

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