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For Sunday February 24, 2013

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(Pray, proclaim, and persevere)
(Colossians 4:2-6)

In Colossians 4:2-6, Paul wraps up his “lifestyle” instructions to the Church at Colosse with a final word on prayer, and, on witnessing for CHRIST, through one’s behavior. As a dedicated Christian, he could not begin to write a single sentence, without first, making it absolutely clear, the beliefs that drive his thought process, and motivates all of his actions and behavior. Therefore, Paul would never write a letter without expressing the importance of prayer and witnessing. Prayer and witnessing are a Christian’s continual duty, and it calls for one to be vigilant and watchful at all times, not lethargic.  
Paul clearly understood that the office of apostleship, which he held, was not one that he himself had earned, but rather, it was something that had been bestowed upon him by an Almighty sovereign GOD, for HIS purpose. And so Paul never asked others to pray for his release from his duties as an apostle, but rather, to the contrary, he always asked that the church pray for his strength to complete the work that GOD had called him to do.
One of Paul’s greatest strengths was that he recognized the need of prayer in the life of a Christian. A Christian should never feel that they are capable of going it alone. Such prideful thoughts are destructive to one’s spiritual walk, and, can set one up for failure, as a representative of CHRIST before the world. Christians need the prayers of other Christians, and prayer should always be for the power to do, not for escape, or release from duty.
Paul challenged the Church at Colosse to live wisely by praying with determination and devotion. They were to stay alert in prayer, and pray with a heart filled with thanksgiving to the LORD, for HIS grace and mercy, that HE might open up doors to preach the Gospel of the secret plan that the new Church would embrace, both Jews and Gentiles alike.
In verse 5 the word Paul uses for the term “walk in wisdom” is “exagorazomenoi” (ex-a-gora-zo-men-ohee) and it means, “To buy up the time”. Christians are to live wisely among unbelievers and “make the most of every opportunity” to convert them to CHRIST, through their behavior. And our conversation, the things that we say to, and around unbelievers, should be gracious and effective.
We should always study to show ourselves approved, so that we can have the right answers to unbeliever’s questions about CHRIST. In other words, Christians should be familiar enough with the Word of GOD, as not to spread, or disseminate false, twisted, or misguided doctrine when they witness to others. Keep in mind that, many opportunities will come for Christians to witness to others about CHRIST, especially when they can relate to others with sensitivity, dignity, and respect. But remember also, that, we cannot antagonize those whom we seek to evangelize, and then blame them for not accepting the Gospel of CHRIST, when, in reality, it was our presentation that stunk.
One of the communicable attributes that GOD shares with us from HIS nature is “personality”. Christians should not be dull and boring, but rather, we should come with a conversation that is cheerful and full of grace. If being Christian doesn’t seem to make us joyful and complete, how can we expect to attract or convince others of the proven truth, that, “Christianity really does produce, the best men and women”.

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Larry D. Alexander

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