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An international Sunday school lesson commentary

For Sunday November 10, 2013

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(Never stop celebrating GOD’s deliverance)
(Exodus 12:1-14)

Every since satan convinced Adam and Eve to disobey GOD in the Garden of Eden, man has been on an endless mission to satisfy himself, or medicate his “accepted sin nature”, as he desperately tries to make himself a life, apart from GOD. In fact, we have reached the stage where we are willing to remember, honor, celebrate, and worship anyone who has the ability to make us “feel good”, for a short space in time, and take our minds off our problems (i.e. through their music, drugs, sex, lifestyle, personality, etc). This is far from what GOD intended for HIS people.
In the Old Testament, the concept of “Zikkaron” (Zik-ka-rone), which is a festival, practice, or object, that is intended as a link for future generations, to a distinctive act of GOD. The name derives from the Hebrew word “zikrown” (zik-rone), which is “a memento, or a memorable thing, day, or writing”. Through the Zikkaron, GOD’s people could sense their personal participation, along with the original generation, in the very act that GOD had performed for that previous generation.   
In Exodus 12, verses 1-20, before they left Egypt, GOD gave detailed instructions for the observance of the Passover celebration. Here GOD instructs Moses and Aaron on how the Israelites must continue to remember how HE rescued them from the chains of slavery in Egypt. In honor of GOD, WHO created us, they were to always remember and celebrate the Passover at the proper time, in the early spring each year, in the month of “Abib” (which is translated “fresh young ears” in the Hebrew), and, it must always be at the place where GOD has chosen HIS name to be honored.
And so, the Passover is one of a small number of feasts that comes to us directly from the heart of GOD HIMSELF. These celebrations, or, observances, whisper ever so gently, for us to come closer to GOD, and are intended by HIM, to help us to keep our minds stayed on HIS grace and mercy, down through the generations.
The Passover, most notably depicts for us, a very vivid painting of the coming salvation that would be ushered in by CHRIST JESUS. The sacrificial lambs’ blood that was smeared over and on the sides of the doorposts of the Israelites, allowed for them to be passed over by the “angel of death” and saved by the merciful hand of GOD. It is a picture of how “the saving blood of CHRIST JESUS” would come to deliver all mankind, who chooses HIM, from the “chains of death and sin in the “world”, which was ushered in by Adam and Eve.
The Old Testament goes back beyond the birth of CHRIST, and into the dreams of the prophets. It gives us a glimpse of how the story of JESUS’ earthy ministry began in the mind of GOD HIMSELF, and was relayed to us, through the messages of HIS servants. GOD, is characteristically, a GOD WHO always works out HIS purpose for the world, and the history we look back on, is not just a random series of unrelated events.
We are well along in the process of the plan that GOD began, with the foundation of this world. Since the beginning, many have participated in helping, or hindering, that process. It is a great honor to help in GOD’s process, and, it will also be a great privilege to see the ultimate goal of the CREATOR realized. However, it is a great dishonor when one hinders GOD’s process by rebelling against its progress, and unless that hinderer repents, serious judgment awaits him at the end of the road.
In biblical times, a herald was used to announce the coming of an important person, sometimes days before their arrival. John the Baptist’s, important announcement of the coming of CHRIST JESUS had already been echoed by the likes of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Malachi hundreds of years earlier. It was an announcement of the coming of a GREATER PERSON, WHOM GOD would use to baptize everyone who accepted HIM, with HIS OWN HOLY SPIRIT.
I would love to see the world come together in a celebration and remembrance of the magnitude we’ve seen in the last few years with the passing of Michael Jackson, or Whitney Houston, or even Elvis Presley, where we show our appreciation, instead, for what JESUS’ “Life-saving death” has done for us all.
Those people were, and are, praised and worshiped even in death, because they catered to our sin nature and made us feel good for a short space in time. JESUS, through HIS vicarious sacrifice, has saved us from eternal damnation, and has the power to make us feel, goodness and joyfulness, forever and ever.
There is no person in the entire world that is harder to face than our selves. And the very first step to repentance, and a right relationship with GOD, calls for us to do just that. We must at first, swallow our pride and admit our sins to ourselves, and how hopeless we are without GOD. And  when death comes knocking at a true Christian’s door, JESUS’ blood, which has been placed over and around us, will protect us and deliver us safely into GOD’s OWN glorious presence, in the Kingdom of Heaven.

A Sunday school lesson by,
Larry D. Alexander

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