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An international Sunday school lesson commentary
For Sunday November 30, 2014

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(Respond to GOD’s reign)
(Isaiah 52:1-12)

GOD longs to free us from our sinful behavior, however, almost since the beginning of creation, we have quite literally insisted on wallowing perpetually in the dust of repent, while we suffer from the consequences of repeating the same old trespasses against GOD, over and over again. Throughout human history we have embraced the same old cycle of “Sin” (rebellion against GOD), “Servitude” (punishment for that rebellion), “Supplication” (prayer and repent), “Salvation” (GOD rescues us from our mess), and “Silence” (peace, and obedience to GOD for a short while).
In Isaiah 52, verses 1-12 the LORD calls on HIS chosen people of Jerusalem to wake up and start acting like people who have strength in an Almighty SAVIOR. GOD wants HIS people to see themselves as being strong, beautiful, holy people, who have been set apart to be HIS “figurative representative”, here on earth, and can, through their behavior, show the whole world that the GOD they serve is the only true GOD, and, that HE reigns over all.
This is also a call to action by GOD, that literally crosses the spans of time to us in this generation, and urges that we too, in this day and age, who call ourselves by HIS name (Christians), will clothe themselves in strength, putting on their most splendid garments (their spiritual armor), so that they may free themselves of the spiritual chains that bounds them, and keeps them imprisoned and separated from HIM. It is not a call to self-effort, but rather, it is a call to know who we are in CHRIST, as GOD’s chosen people (the Church), and to really start acting like we have been redeemed through the blood of CHRIST JESUS.
As Christians, we should never consider ourselves as weak if we really believe that we share in the power of the Most High GOD. In verse 5, GOD asks HIS people in essence; “Why do they keep getting enslaved by the world, if HE WHO is in them is greater than he who is in the world?” Here GOD is saying, that, if we really believe that HE is superior to satan, and we’re on HIS side, and have HIM in us, then, why do we keep losing our hearts (our spiritual battles) to the people and things of this world, where even JESUS says satan is the prince (John 14:30).
The good news in this passage is that, despite our continued betrayal and weak representation of the greatest power in the universe, GOD, will eventually reveal HIMSELF to HIS true followers (v.6), and at last they will recognize that it is HE WHO speaks to them. And how beautiful will be the feet of those who bring the good news of GOD’s peace and salvation to the world, and reveals that the LORD GOD of Israel reigns over all things and entities of the world that HE created (v.7).
In verses 8-10 Isaiah prophesies of a millennial time when CHRIST will come to be enthroned after HIS resounding victory over evil. CHRIST will return to Zion to reign over HIS “Millennial Kingdom” and HIS reign will be one of peace for a thousand years. There will be rejoicing from the righteous remnant as they will be fully comforted and redeemed because of the LORD’s grace. And the LORD will demonstrate HIS holy power before all the nations of the world, and HIS salvation will be seen by all, to the ends of the earth.  
In verses 11-12 we see visions of a new exodus of GOD’s people, who will leave the chains that once bound them to sin and death, and enter into the freedom that can only be found in CHRIST JESUS, our LORD. We will put behind us, the world and everything it represents, and be able to truly function as the LORD’s holy people. And Isaiah says that, as we enter the Millennial Kingdom, we won’t have to leave the world in a hurry, running for our lives, because the LORD JESUS will go before us, because HE was the first to overcome the world, and GOD the FATHER, the GOD of Israel, will also protect us from the rear. Yes the LORD, as HE always has, will still truly have our backs! And we will, for the first time in human history, respond in the right way (faithfully) to HIS reign, because GOD the HOLY SPIRIT will counsel us, teaching us what we should do and say, for all times.

A Sunday school lesson by,
Larry D. Alexander

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