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An international Sunday school lesson commentary
For Sunday September 9, 2018

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(GOD brings order to the world)
(Genesis 1:14-25)

   Many people, who are currently on the road to destruction, consider the events in the book of Genesis (especially chapters 1-11) as mythological. However, we must remember that all myths derived from ancient man’s expression of his view of reality. In other words, myths are born from actual events. Actual events are not born from myths.
    The Old Testament presents us with a radical shift from the philosophy of the ancient world, and one cannot do these writings justice by saying that ancient Israel borrowed from myths in order to describe it’s faith in the only wise GOD. To ancient Israel, and, to believers everywhere today, an absolute sovereign GOD brought all things into existence, including them (Israel), as a nation, and every other human being, and all other sources of life in the universe. The reality of Israel was based on what they know about their history, and, it was actualized in their history, not in mythology.
    At the heart of the biblical report of GOD creating the world and everything in it, is the “Faith” that it takes to rely on GOD as our provider, protector, guide, and redeemer. Everything was made by HIM, and without HIM was not anything made. That faith was born out of the reality of Hebrew history, and Hebrew history was not born out of myth.
    This week we’ll look at days four and five of the Creation account of the Christian bible, and how GOD continued to harmonize the universe HE created. Here in Genesis 1, taking up at verse 14, on day 4, GOD organizes “Linear Time” by establishing days, weeks, months, seasons, and years.
    GOD separated the day and the night by creating the sun and the moon and all of the distant planets of the universe that, at night, shines and sparkle because of the great light of the day, which is the sun. However, during the daylight, they would all seem to disappear from existence, because of the dominance of the same great light of the sun. The lesser light, the moon, is used to govern the night, along with all of the stars (distant planets and other celestial bodies). Together, reflecting the great light of the sun, they perpetually light up the earth from Heaven, day by day and night by night. And GOD saw that it was good.
    On the fifth day GOD created all of the various fish and marine life of the waters of the oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers. HE also created all of the birds of the air and distinguished them from the various other animal creations that would reside on the land (Vs.20-23). And they all increased in population until they filled the whole earth. And GOD saw that it was good.
    When looking at the book of Genesis, we must keep in mind, that, it was not written just to chronicle events, and nor was it written to be a book of history just for history’s sake. Instead, it is a theological account of selected records of the ancient ancestors of Israel, GOD’s chosen nation, which attempts to explain the divine causes behind all events, human and otherwise. It is a part of the revealed Word of GOD which places it above mere history, or pagan mythology.
    The world we live in is not a product of “blind chance”, for everyone in their right mind has to agree to that fact. A superior and awesome, divine living GOD, had to very carefully, and very loving, design all things that we see here on earth, and, throughout the universe, including we ourselves.

A Sunday school lesson by,
Larry D. Alexander


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