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An international Sunday school lesson commentary

For Sunday May 9, 2010

(Stand firm in the most-high faith that is found only in CHRIST JESUS)
(Colossians 2)

Paul prayed constantly that the believers in all Christian Churches really learn and come to understand the power that they all have in CHRIST JESUS. Here in Colossians 2, we see how he agonized for the churches at Colosse and Laodicea, even though he had never visited them personally.
It is a wonderful thing that we pray for those whom we know and love, however, our prayers for Christian unity and growth must inherently include those brothers and sisters in other places, throughout this world, whom we’ve never met, yet we’ve been made aware of their needs.
The Christian hope has, throughout the history of the Church, served as motivation to make life on earth, conform more fully, to the word of GOD. All the information we have about CHRIST, and Christianity, comes to us, from those who actually saw the miracles of CHRIST performed, and, who actually heard HIM speak. All of these saints wrote down, and passed down this information, as a means of encouraging believers, not as a means of satisfying historical curiosity. Perhaps the most important element contained in all of this information is the fact that men and women must always pray.
When we pray consistently for one another, we are standing firm and building on our foundation that we have invested in, based on our commitment to the MOST-HIGH FAITH. The treasures of all wisdom, knowledge, and discernment are hidden in CHRIST, and by “hidden”, I don’t mean “concealed”. The treasures of knowledge, wisdom, and discernment are “stored up” in CHRIST, but they are assessable to all who come to believe GOD.
Paul cared deeply for the people of Colosse, even though he had never been there to visit with them during any of his missionary journeys. He prayed for them agonizingly because of the heresy of the Gnostics that had infiltrated the church there. He wrote this letter to them at his first available opportunity, because he wanted to encourage them to remain steadfast, and continue to be a community willing to always stand strong in the truth of GOD’s word.
His goal was that the people of Colosse would remain knitted together by their mutual love for CHRIST, and find their comfort, by having complete understanding of GOD’s plan for them, through HIM. They must not be taken in, or deceived by those who come with persuasive arguments that differ from the teachings of JESUS CHRIST. They should remain obedient to GOD’s word, and allow its roots to grow deep into their minds and hearts.
Divine exaltation belongs to CHRIST. In CHRIST we find all that we need, and in HIM, we see exactly what GOD is like. JESUS is the visible likeness of the invisible GOD in Heaven and only HE can usher us into GOD’s OWN glorious presence when our day has come.
When we came to CHRIST, we were circumcised by a spiritual means, not a physical one. It was a spiritual procedure that continues to cut away at our sinful nature by means of a continuing presence of the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD in us. When we were baptized spiritually in CHRIST, we were buried with CHRIST, and then, raised into a new life, with GOD. And we must trust in the almighty power of GOD, WHO raised CHRIST from the dead physically, to sustain us into the final stage of the human existence, which is an eternal life with GOD in HIS Kingdom.

A Sunday school lesson by
Larry D. Alexander

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