Friday, May 28, 2010

An international Sunday school lesson commentary

For Sunday May 30, 2010

(If we don’t become serious about knowing GOD’s word, here in the last days, we will be fooled)

Since the dawn of Christianity, it has been at risk of being contaminated by the evil forces of satan. And many individual professed Christian churches have failed because its members failed to get to know the word of GOD well enough, that they would not be misled by false teachers and preachers.
And, even though Christianity must operate as a welcoming community that has the GODly fear which enables them to love the sinner and hate the sin, we must also be able to avoid the pollution of those whom we seek to save by leading them to CHRIST.
In the difficult and often neglected epistle of Jude, the half brother of JESUS urges Christians everywhere to stand firm against false teachers and their philosophies, which act as a portal into the perverted practices of the Luciferic agenda.
Jude gives examples of GOD’s judgment on those vile people, who, past and present, try to steer Christians away from the most-high faith. He urges us to examine what people say, and, how they actually live their lives, so that we may be better able to determine, the difference between what is real, and, what is fake. And in today’s society, if we are not really, really tuned in to the word of GOD, we will be fooled.
King David warned us almost 3000 years ago, that, “The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest of men are exalted” (Psalm 12:8 – KJV). We, live in a nation where we continually exalt those men and women who profess to be anti-CHRIST. We buy their music and sing the lyrics of their anti-CHRIST doctrine. We buy their clothing lines and dress our children in the armor of satan that they produce. Clothing that contains all sorts of demonic symbols that are used to channel in satan and his angels into our homes, churches and lives.
We spend billions of dollars going to see their movies and attending their concerts of praise and satan worship. We buy their c.d.’s, and make sure we never miss one of their award shows. We live in a nation where more people call in to vote for the next American Idol, than has ever voted in any presidential election in the history of America.
So-called gospel singing artists are mixing with professed anti-CHRIST secular artist, creating a vehicle for satan to enter into the Christian church and become a part of the worship service that has been preserved for GOD, by GOD HIMSELF. Don’t look now America, but we are no longer a Christian nation, and we haven’t been for a long time.
Jude’s powerful epistle is directed at all of those, whom, GOD has called to leadership, all of those, who are loved by GOD, and, all of those, who are kept by the sacrifice of JESUS CHRIST. In other words, all professed Christians should take heed to keep themselves in the love of GOD, by defending the gospel that was preached by CHRIST and other men of GOD, as we all wait on mercy from JESUS CHRIST, unto eternal life.
Jude may have started out wanting to write a positive treatise on salvation, but ultimately, he ended up writing, perhaps, the strongest condemnation of false teachers and warning against participating in perverted practices, that can be found in all of New Testament literature.
His quotations and analogies of Old Testament events are not that of an authority, but rather they are that of one vividly describing a day of coming judgment that has already been substantiated in Old Testament judgments. We in America have become a community at risk, who, are in danger of the same kind of judgment that was delivered upon the people of Sodom and Gomorrah.
False teachers, and, those who promote the anti-CHRIST agenda through their works and lifestyle, will all have to make an account, and ultimately, receive their just due. And so will those, who, through their own ignorance of GOD’s word, choose to follow and exalt the vilest of men.

A Sunday school lesson by,
Larry D. Alexander

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