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An international Sunday school lesson commentary
For Sunday January 8, 2017

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(Recognizing the only GOD)
(Psalm 96)

   Because we receive new mercies, grace, and blessings from GOD each day, we should be motivated to sing a new song to HIM each day. In Psalm 96, the psalmist suggests that all people everywhere should sing praises to GOD, because all people everywhere, believers and unbelievers, receive HIS blessings everyday of their lives, whether they realize it or not.
    GOD, as creator of all things that exist, has a moral right and responsibility to evaluate human actions and activities, and, as a result of those human choices and behavior under HIM, to dole out appropriate reward and punishment accordingly. HE is the sovereign master of the universe, and HE absolutely controls the destiny of everything and everyone that exist. Therefore, whether or not we even believe that HE HIMSELF exists, becomes totally irrelevant.
    As Believers, we only need to announce the offered “salvation” from GOD to an “unsaved” world, however, that in itself seems to be a mighty enough task, that most people will refuse to take it on. However, if our desire is to obey and serve GOD, we must be willing to glorify HIM by taking up our own cross (dying to sin), and then begin to take on the task of fulfilling the charge assigned to us by CHRIST JESUS, even to point of death, being motivated by the remembrance that JESUS died for us.
    Here in psalm 96, the psalmist exhorts all people to sing praises to GOD for HIS majesty, glory, and strength, verbally publishing HIS glorious deeds to all nations (races). GOD is worthy to be praised perpetually, all the day long, and, HE is glorious and mighty to save us from ourselves.
    GOD must be revered above all people, places, and things that we wittingly, or unwittingly, worship or care about. In fact, we should worship GOD only, while we love people, and use things. That should always be the order by which we are related to GOD, mankind, the things created for our comfort and existence.
    Unfortunately, we tend to make anything and everything an idol. Every nation and people under GOD has, at one time or the other, taken on idols that best fit their wants and desires for their own lifestyle. That is why we have all of the various, so-called, Christian denominations, as well as non-Christian denominations. That is why we worship rock stars, national leaders, church leaders, houses, cars, children, pets (particularly dogs and cats), and even cell phones!
    Honor and majesty surrounds only the true GOD in Heaven. Real strength and beauty can only be found in HIM. Fortunately, all the nations of the world also contains a remnant of people who actually really do have a heart for the real GOD, and despite the things going on around them, they still recognize that HE is glorious, strong, sovereign, and in control.
    As GOD’s greatest creation, all mankind will eventually have to cede to GOD the glory that HE deserves, and come before HIM with offerings of humbleness that is befitting to nothing, and to no one else, but GOD. Every knee must eventually bow, and every tongue must eventually confess, that JESUS CHRIST is LORD, and, that GOD the FATHER is sovereign over all things.
    And so let the Heavens and the earth be glad and rejoice! Let the Seas and everything in them shout with praise! Let the fields and crops explore forward with fruitful bounties of joy! Let the trees of the forests whisper gently before the LORD, all knowing that HE is coming to judge the earth, and to judge it with righteousness and truth.

A Sunday school lesson by,
Larry D. Alexander

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