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For Sunday January 22, 2017

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(GOD has given us everything that we need)
(Psalm 104)

   There is no greater evidence of the power and existence of GOD than the reality and existence of the creation that HE shaped and sustains. In Psalm 104, the unknown psalmist gives us a vivid description of his personal view of three things about GOD; HIS power to bring into existence, all creation (Vs.1-9), HIS concern for HIS creation (Vs.10-23), and, HIS provisions to sustain HIS creation (Vs.24-30).
    We, as Christians, have come to rest in, and share the psalmist’s thoughts, and we also thoroughly understand, through our great faith, that, the world was fashioned by the Word and hand of GOD. We understand that all the things that we now see around us came from that which is not seen, and is quite literally from “the mind of GOD”. We are of the attitude that, in terms of eternity, we would rather stake everything on GOD, the CREATOR of this existence, than to trust in the temporal rewards that we can obtain from HIM, because of HIS existence.
    Sadly though, we as human beings, still, often fall in love with the “creations of the CREATOR”, instead of endearing ourselves to the HOLY CREATOR, HIMSELF. When GOD created man in HIS OWN image (in other words, shared HIS nature with us), HE also placed inside of us, a hunger and thirst which would, hopefully, ultimately draw us to HIM, and, hold us near to HIM, forever.
    However, because of the “sin nature” that we obtained, through disobedience to GOD (the fall of Adam and Eve), we’ve became confused, and have, since that time, tried to satisfy our hunger and thirst by seeking after “the temporal things of this world”, and, “those things that we, ourselves, have made from HIS created substances”.
    Here in Psalm 104, the psalmist seems to have a very sane and firm grip on where we should direct our praises. He is, no doubt, a man who has fallen in love with the BLESSER because of the blessings, and not, the blessings themselves.

·         In verses 1-9 the psalmist praises GOD and expresses his awe and reverence for GOD’s sovereign power.
·         In verses 10-23, he displays a deep understanding of how deeply GOD is concerned about HIS creation, and how HE shows it, through HIS provisions, which HE uses to sustain HIS creation.
·         And finally, in verses 24-35, the psalmist praises GOD yet again, and prays that GOD would remove sin from the world, because it is out of harmony with HIS wonderful creation.

    G. K. Chesterton once wrote, “For whatever is, or is not true, this one thing is certain, we are not what we were meant to be”. We are that which was created. And we are the benefactors of the brilliance and largesse of the CREATOR. We as men and women were made by GOD, and HE attempted to give us dominion over the works of HIS hands here on earth. But instead, through our disobedience, we’ve become creatures who are “frustrated by our own, self-imposed circumstances”, who are “defeated by our own temptations”, and, who are “surrounded by our own weaknesses”. And so, it was into this seemingly hopeless situation, that GOD sent us his only begotten SON, so that whosoever believes in HIM, would not perish, but rather, would have everlasting life.
    It is a life-changing thing, getting to know, and then, becoming accustomed to practicing, the Word of GOD. GOD’s Word has already come into the world. In fact, its concept has been with us since the beginning of creation. GOD’s Word simply cannot be, nor, will not be, disregarded. GOD’s Word is synonymous with life, and is, both, effective and penetrating.  In fact HIS Word absolutely scrutinizes all of our thoughts, desires, and, intentions.
    All things lay naked before THE ALMIGHTY GOD, and HE simply “sees all”, “hears all”, and “knows all” that we do. And every one of us, whom GOD has created, will have to make an account for the deeds done in our lifetimes. And whether or not we believe that HE exists, becomes totally irrelevant in HIS design and scheme of things here on HIS earth, and, in this whole universe and beyond.  GOD’s sovereign plans for all of HIS creation, will prevail.

A Sunday school lesson by,
Larry D. Alexander


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